Monday, August 10, 2009

I need to sell A-LOT!

So, this unemployed mother of one (yes, me) was taking my kid to school this morning at 7:50, in 84 degree heat and got about a block away when poof - a flat tire. I mean flat-flat. What I realized is that people are soo nice to help out! I immediately called my boyfriend since I dont have a clue how to change my tire - he had to wrap a couple of things up at the office and he would be there to save me (2nd time in 2 days - more later) Anyway, within 2 minutes I had three people there giving me a hand - WALA! tire is changed!! Such HUGE thanks to them :D It would have been some time before my bf could have gotten there, and probably a 100 degrees by then too. The bad news: I need new brakes - ugh!! A possible $522. Luckily my hero (bf) is amazing and is not afraid to get his hands dirty for a white collar guy. He will attempt to replace my breaks (hot!) The other good news: I got my tire fixed for free --Yay!!

Needless to say me and the kid are off to the pool for a dip, then back for another creation to help pay for parts OR brakes in case bf cant do it. That will be sad.

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